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The Cathedral at Rose Hill
Built in the early 1900's featuring historic Europeon architecture, this beautiful wedding cathedral creates a magnificient wedding setting.  
A huge stained glass "Rose" window and twenty plus cathedral shaped windows cast a warm glow onto the marble aisle. Amber brick interior walls, stained glass pendant lighting and arched doorways make it seem as though you are entering Camelot.



The candles are glowing and the music is softly playing in the background as friends and family gather together to share in the events of this special day. Everything appears to be in slow motion and is filled with hugs, kisses, wishes, and yes, sometimes tears.
The Bride and Groom nervously await the time
and as in their dreams,  

the entrance....
 promises are made ....
and the day so long awaited, unfolds one chapter at a time .... the dance....
 the toast ....the cake ....

the bouquet toss .... 
and then .... as one chapter closes another begins.
Happily they stroll away, arm in arm,
as husband and wife,
to begin their new lives as one !!